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Women's Only

What you’ll get:

A complete program in as little as 3 sessions a week! We take the guesswork out of planning your training. Classes meet at the same time Monday-Friday at 10 am, this allows you to plan the rest of your day, rather than stressing about how you are going to fit your workout in for the day. We even offer *free childcare during this hour, so your little ones can play while you workout. The program provides structure that ensures diversity in the types of workouts, muscle groups, and metabolic pathways. As with all of our classes we put a strong emphasis on teaching you to move efficiently and safely.

Community and consistency:

Consistency also allows more individualized coaching and athlete development. Seeing the same group of women, allows the coach to learn strengths and weaknesses of the individuals, movement issues, scaling needs, and how to best challenge and motivate each woman. In turn, ladies form bonds with one another through the process of facing challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Motivation and Environment:

The foundation of this program is to provide an encouraging environment and supportive coaching to allow women to take risks and push limits. Get that 1st pull up, jump onto a 20” box, go a little heavier on Kettlebell swings, No intimidation…just inspiration from fellow women athletes.

*some restrictions apply